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Pangea Introduces Platform for Issuing Covid-19 Immunity Passports

Pangea, which specialises in digital transformation of government and business services, has devised an end-to-end platform that would enable governments to issue a biometric smart card to verify that the holder is virus-free or has immunity.

Pangea’s solution involves the use of a smart card, which serves as an immunity ‘passport’ allowing the holder to enter airport terminals and airplanes and removing the fear of spreading the virus to others. The card comprises a photo of the holder, a digital signature, a chip, and a hologram. The card can be securely linked to the country’s medical database and includes up-to-date encrypted data on the holder’s COVID-19 profile.

The issuing process would be overseen by the health ministry of each country and in cooperation with local health providers and hospitals. In addition, the issuing of the card would require the close cooperation of tourism ministries, airports, airlines, and insurance companies. The issuing of this type of card will necessitate close coordination of the countries whose citizens will be travelling between them.

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