Parsons’ RailPulse Reduces Reporting Time, Improves Diagnostics

Parsons Corporation announced the company’s new RailPulse solution, a software product that unlocks data generated by Positive Train Control (PTC) systems to allow more efficient troubleshooting, reporting and diagnostics. Providing an automated solution to reporting and diagnostics, including required Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) reporting, Parsons says RailPulse can significantly reduce the time and cost required for these efforts, compared to manual efforts.

“Railroads are a critical component of the transportation ecosystem and offer an efficient and sustainable way to transport millions of people and tons of freight between our communities,” said Tom Topolski, executive vice president, connected communities market for Parsons. “With PTC implementations complete, railroads are now seeking solutions to maximize the value of these important safety systems. Our team is dedicated to developing technology-driven solutions to help streamline transportation, and Parsons’ latest innovation, RailPulse, helps passenger and freight rail owners and operators better understand their data to improve performance, efficiency and safety.”

RailPulse integrates directly with PTC systems messaging layer to capture the conversation, providing customized analysis to help railroad owners and operators make more informed decisions that improve performance and generate cost efficiencies. Including modules for log viewings, FRA reporting, wayside, spatial analysis, and grade crossings, RailPulse is designed to evolve as FRA reporting requirements change and the platform can be customized to meet the needs of all commercial or passenger railroads.