Pennsylvania Bridge Collapses as Biden Arrived to Discuss Infratructure Needs

On the day U. S. Joe President Biden was to visit Pittsburgh to discuss the country’s infrastructure, a bridge collapsed into the ravine below. It was snowing. Ten people were injured, four seriously enough that they required hospitalization. Experts say it was 50 years old and in poor condition but not the worst bridge in Pittsburgh. None of the injuries was life-threatening and no one was killed. Fortunately, only four cars and a nearly empty bus.

Bridge collapse.

“The Fern Hollow Bridge collapse is a painful reminder of the condition of our bridges and a call to action to address our aging infrastructure,” said Mayor Gainey. “As the City of Bridges, we know how critical our infrastructure is to working families. They are the connectors to jobs, to schools, to childcare, and more. As Mayor, I want the people of Pittsburgh to know that I will be working tirelessly to secure additional funding for our infrastructure needs. With the support of our county, state, and federal partners, we will build back better.”

Frick Park, where the bridge is located, was closed temporarily until it is fully secured. The city urged residents not to enter the park as it remains a hazardous site. City departments are working to re-open as much of the park as possible in the near future.