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Qognify Situator at Heart of Gatwick Airport’s Integrated Security Project

As key national infrastructure and a major transport hub, Gatwick Airport takes the challenge of maintaining the safety and security of its passengers, visitors and employees seriously. To this end, it initiated the Gatwick Airport Integrated Security Project, which combines people and process change with powerful technology enablement and a standardised set of operational procedures and ways of working. The project brings together the airport security and operations teams, Sussex Police, Border Force and many other interested parties.

The aim of the project was to use all available security elements to deliver a fully automated and rapid response solution.

Qognify’s Situator is the technology enabler at the heart of the project. It provides a consolidated view and full management of any situation or emergency. The additional integration of Qognify’s Suspect Search real-time video analytics proprietary software means Gatwick Airport is now able to rapidly identify and pinpoint a suspected criminal/terrorist or find a lost person in real time.

Robin Lomax, IT Project Manager, CCTV Refresh Project Gatwick Airport explains: “The power of the CCTV solution is that it gives Gatwick Airport superior situational awareness and allows us to command, adapt and respond to any security event, before, during and after it occurs. It enables a quicker speed of response, a more appropriate size of response and it allows us to play back and learn lessons from the incident after the fact.”

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