Safety Expert and Contributing Editor Jeff Guzzetti Appears on National News Show

Transport Security Intl. contributing editor and safety expert Jeff Guzzetti appeared on “The Today Show” on October 24 to discuss deranged pilot who tried to shut down the engines on a Horizon Air flight on Sunday.

The situation unfolded on board the aircraft in the cockpit as a jumpseater – a pilot that is approved to sit on the jumpseat in the cockpit – tried to shut down both engines by pulling the fire bottle handles. He was subdued by the two pilot crew and taken to the back the aircraft.

Air traffic control recordings of the exchange between the crew of the flight and controller have the pilot telling them they needed to divert to a closer airport and to have law enforcement meet them at the aircraft. The man who tried to shut the engines off was an off duty pilot for Horizon Air named Joseph Emerson. He was subsequently charged with 167 charges including 83 counts of attempted murder.