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Secunet to Provide E-Gate Systems to Airports in Lithuania, Hungary & Poland

secunet easygates are set to be used at the busiest international airports in Lithuania (Vilnius), Hungary (Liszt Ferenc in Budapest and Debrecen International) and Poland (Chopin and Modlin airports in Warsaw). The secunet easygate performs thorough checks of the authenticity of electronic identity documents such as passports and identity cards by both optical and electronic means. The system reads the facial image from the chip in the electronic identity document and compares the biometric data with the passenger’s live image. Officials monitor the process and can concentrate on those travellers that require further checks. Airports benefit from increased passenger throughput, and travellers enjoy shorter waiting times as it only takes around 12 seconds for a passenger to pass through the secunet easygate. The border control infrastructure is ready for the Europe-wide launch of the Entry/Exit System in 2021.

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