September 12 2022: U. S. Nationwide

Railroads in the U. S. stopped accepting shipments of hazardous and other security-sensitive materials due to the looming threat of a strike Friday the 16th of September. A major national railroad, Union Pacific, whose operations would be stopped by a strike, said it was being done to “protect employees, customers, and the communities we serve.” A statement from the railroad’s trade group said they needed follow federal rules to “ensure that no such cargo is left on an unattended or unsecured train.” The unions that represent the members of those threatening to go on strike say the railroad’s new restrictions are designed to “put pressure on Congress to block the unions from walking out,” adding the move was “completely unnecessary” and “no more than corporate extortion.” As we went to press, Amtrak had begun cancelling all long-distance trains as the strike loomed.