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Siemens to Supply Baggage Handling System for Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi

Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics is to supply a tray-based baggage handling system and powerful software for the new satellite terminal at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi international airport. The innovative tray technology from Siemens will allow the much-needed expansion of capacities. With a top speed of ten metres per second, the system in Bangkok will achieve a peak throughput of 10,800 pieces of baggage per hour.

For the project, Siemens is working as technology leader with Thai infrastructure company Loxley, who integrates the system together with further partners.

The new VarioTrays provide fast and secure transportation and sorting of baggage. The intelligent construction of the solution ensures energy efficiency, which is exemplary in the whole airport industry. The conveyor belts run over rollers to prevent dynamic friction between the belts and conveyors, and the considerably reduced weight of the new trays helps to lower energy costs even further.

For bulky baggage such as surfboards, Siemens supplies special out-of-gauge trays.

These extra-large trays run on the same conveyor lines as the standard baggage and are transported and sorted just as efficiently.

The satellite terminal’s baggage handling system is linked to the main building via a tunnel. Over this 950-metre route, the system reaches its peak throughput of ten metres per second.

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