SITA Selects Alkira to Enhance SITA Connect Go SASE Services Built for Aviation with an Automated Multi-Cloud Networking Solution

Alkira, agentless multi-cloud networking pioneer, recently announced a strategic collaboration with SITA, the leading IT provider in the air transport industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the evolving aviation industry as SITA selects Alkira as its preferred multi-cloud networking solution for its customers globally.

Under this collaboration, customers of SITA Connect Go, the trusted secure SASE solution, will now seamlessly access cloud applications through Alkira’s streamlined multi-cloud connectivity solution. This integration enhances efficiency and agility in air transport operations worldwide, representing a groundbreaking advancement in the aviation industry.

The networking solution, a first for the aviation industry, reflects the industry’s shift towards multi-cloud environments. According to a report by industry analyst Gartner, 81% of companies are adopting multi-cloud strategies, with an estimated 30% increase in multi-cloud networking software usage in 2023. “SITA has established a dynamic foundation that adapts to evolving customer demands, and the integration of Alkira’s multi-cloud solution into our platform is a pivotal enhancement,” said Martin Smillie, senior vice president of SITA Communications and Data Exchange. “As the foremost IT provider to the air transport sector, our customers rely on us to provide the most dependable and cutting-edge solutions to foster their business growth. Today marks a significant milestone as SITA and Alkira collaborate to redefine cloud network connectivity within the aviation industry, facilitating a faster and smoother transition for our customers to embrace cloud networks.”

Despite the rising demand for multi-cloud networking, IT teams need help managing complexity and visibility. Alkira addresses these hurdles by providing a unified network topology and a centralized portal, seamlessly integrating with SITA’s existing SASE solution. Alkira eliminates the need for hardware infrastructure, enabling swift provisioning and deployment of cloud networking resources.

Moreover, Alkira is providing SITA with segmentation and micro-segmentation capabilities, offering users more granular control over network access, minimizing the attack surface, and preventing lateral movement of threats within specific segments. SITA will also benefit from Alkira’s Extranet as-a-Service (EaaS) for partner connectivity, allowing airlines to seamlessly and securely connect with their business partners.

“SITA has been a renowned, cutting-edge IT provider in the aviation sector for 75 years, and Alkira is eager to join that journey in the multi-cloud era,” said Atif Khan, CTO at Alkira. “Air travel is on the rise, and airlines are looking for ways to handle the increased demand more efficiently and safely. Working together, Alkira and SITA enable airlines to quickly, easily, and safely modernize their networks to meet rapidly shifting customer demands and deliver a truly frictionless travel experience.”

The need for efficient airport operations and infrastructure virtualization are the main drivers for the aviation industry’s shift to the cloud. Cloud infrastructure and multi-cloud networking are poised to be indispensable for airlines navigating the evolution of air travel, as they offer more agility, scalability, cost-efficiency, and the foundation for a more seamless and personalized customer experience.