SITA’s Biometric-Enabled Kiosks

SITA’s Biometric-Enabled Kiosks and Baggage Messaging Services to be Deployed at Frankfurt Airport

Air transport industry technology provider SITA has announced a large-scale technology deployment at Frankfurt Airport which they say will enhance the passenger experience and increase the airport’s operational efficiency. The deployment features the installation of 87 biometric-enabled SITA TS6 Kiosks and is expected to be completed later this year.

SITA’s TS6 check-in kiosks allow passengers to check in quickly and obtain bag tags for later self-bag drop services. The kiosks work in concert with SITA Flex and offer passengers a unified user experience across multiple airlines, increasing ease of use while also reducing physical touchpoints.

SITA says passengers will remain in control of their self-service options, from check-in to self-bag drop via the intuitive biometric-enabled kiosk. SITA says the new kiosk can be customized to fit with the airport’s brand design and specific customer needs. The modular design also means enhancements and modifications can be made without replacing the entire kiosk, bringing added cost efficiency and sustainability benefits.

SITA’s TS6 Kiosk can be used for check-in and bag tagging paving the way for a completely touchless, mobile passenger journey. The deployment at Frankfurt Airport represents SITA’s largest implementation in Europe.

“Offering passengers innovative, safer and smarter ways to travel while also ensuring we have resilient and efficient airport operations is vital as our industry recovers from the impact of the pandemic,” said Dr. Pierre Dominique Prümm, executive director, Aviation & Infrastructure at Fraport.