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Smiths Scanner Achieves ECAC Standard 3.1

Smiths Detection has achieved ECAC Standard 3.1 approval for its CTX 9800 DSi 0.5 m/s hold baggage explosives detection system. This is the highest defined hold baggage screening standard in the EU and the second Smiths scanner to achieve this standard, the first being the HI-SCAN 10080 XCT.
Any previously installed CTX 9800 DSi systems with Standard 3 approval can be upgraded on site to include Standard 3.1. The detection algorithms for the two standards may be selected on a bag-by-bag basis depending on the destination and associated risk level. The Computed Tomography (CT), produces high-resolution 3D images and supports 2D and 3D organic/inorganic material discrimination. The 0.5m/sec belt speed enables the CTX 9800 DSi to handle up to 1800 bags per hour, making the screening process faster and more efficient. It accepts large and elongated items measuring up to 2.5 metres, minimising the need to process oversized luggage separately.

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