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Synapse Technology Wins Contract with Kansai International

Synapse Technology has announced that Kansai International Airport has entered into a 5-year agreement to deploy Syntech ONE across its security checkpoints.
Syntech ONE, an artificial intelligence software, overlays onto new and existing security screening X-ray machines, alleviating operator error by assisting checkpoint operators in detecting threats such as firearms and sharps. The technology learns to recognise new threats as they appear.
Astrophysics have announced the launch of its first fully integrated artificial intelligence X-ray system with Synpase Technology; Astrophysics’ XIS-6040 is integrated with Synapse’s AI software. Syntech SOLUTION is a combination of Astrophysics imaging technology and Syntech AI. Uniquely, Syntech SOLUTION automatically stops the conveyor belt and alerts the operator when a threat is detected.

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