Thruvision Technology to be Trialled on London Underground
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Thruvision Technology to be Trialled on London Underground

Thruvision has announced that its units will be deployed at Stratford Underground Station in East London for a trial aimed at safely detecting concealed knives.

The five-day trial is part of a British Government effort to eliminate knife crime, yet it could be a step in the right direction of facilitating screening people on-the-move at airports too. Thruvision’s passive terahertz technology is already vetted and approved by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and is in operational service with Los Angeles Metro.

Thruvision’s specialised technology will enable British Transport Police officers to identify concealed knives safely, without interfering with travel flow, eliminating the need for physical searches or pat-downs. Thruvision technology works by showing the size, shape and location of any concealed items that block a person’s body heat. This will allow officers to use experience and training to invite a person to reveal any suspicious looking items.

Thruvision is completely safe, respectful and non-intrusive. It does not show any intimate body parts and it is impossible to tell an individual’s identity, gender, age or ethnicity from the imagery it produces.

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