TSA Workers Injured When “Brazen” Passenger Attacks

A passenger traveling in the Phoenix, Ariz. Airport attacked three Transportation Security officers, in what the authorities there called unprovoked and brazen attack. The three officers were at work at a security checkpoint when they were attacked by a woman going through security.

Two of the officers involved in the attack were taken to the hospital and treated. They were later released. The local police arrested Makiah Coleman. “The suspect involved in this case was taken into custody and later booked into jail without further incident,” according to a statement by Phoenix police. Coleman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

“We are grateful for our committed workforce and for the role they play in protecting the traveling public every day,” a statement released by the TSA said. “Unfortunately, this situation  not only resulted in three of our TSA officers being injured, but inconvenienced approximately 450 travelers who had to be redirected to a nearby checkpoint for security screening due to the actions of this traveler.”

It was unclear what led up to the attack but some reports said the perpetrator became angry and allegedly bit and hit the agents when they removed her juice at a security checkpoint.