Two New Satellites Launched: Unseenlabs Expands Largest RF Satellite Constellation Dedicated to Maritime Surveillance

Unseenlabs, the European leader in radiofrequency (RF) signals detection from space, successfully launched its sixth and seventh satellites dedicated to the geolocation of vessels at sea on April 1st and May 3rd , 2022. The first satellite was launched with SpaceX from Cape Canaveral in Florida, and the second one was launched aboard with Rocket Lab from New Zealand. In total, Unseenlabs has deployed seven satellites since 2019 and will launch other satellites in 2022.

Unseenlabs’ constellation is designed to provide clients with data to follow maritime traffic, regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. Unseenlabs processes and analyses this RF data, and provides unique knowledge for national security operations, for environmental protection and for an increasing number of applications in the commercial sector.

“Unseenlabs provides the most accurate possible RF data to its clients. Our clients and partners use this data to power analytics and find solutions for many industries.” Clement Galic, Unseenlabs CEO and co-founder said.

To this day, Unseenlabs owns the world’s most advanced fleet of independent satellites for RF signals detection. The technology developed by Unseenlabs provides the most up-to-date maritime traffic data for their selected area of interest.

In 2022 the French SME will be expanding its team based at its headquarters in Rennes, France. The aim is to extend Unseenlabs’ constellation dedicated to the geolocation of vessels at sea to up to 25 satellites around 2025.