UPS Driver Kidnapped and Cargo Stolen

A UPS driver in Atlanta, Georgia was kidnapped at gunpoint on Tuesday December 28. The company began to retrace the driver’s route when the scheduled deliveries for the truck were not made.

The driver had just left the warehouse facility when he was kidnapped at gunpoint while waiting for a light. The kidnapping occurred around 3:30am. The driver was later found tied up and locked in the trailer in an abandoned parking lot north of Atlanta.

The driver was not physically injured but cargo from the truck was stolen. An investigation was initiated around 9:30 that morning after UPS employees tracked the truck using GPS and found in the abandoned lot.

“While the truck was stopped at a traffic light, a person armed with a firearm got into the vehicle and forced the victim to drive to Bankhead Court,” said a statement release by the Atlanta Police. “Once there, the suspect, along with others, tied the victim up and stole cargo from the tractor-trailer.”

About a quarter of the cargo onboard the truck was stolen, the police said. The items were placed in another vehicle that had been waiting in the parking lot.