Iceland’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Tel Aviv on 18 May, was contentious from the outset; the techno-punk band, Hatari, dressed in BDSM-style gear performed a song entitled ‘Hate Will Prevail’! The Song Contest is supposed to be 100% non-political, yet Hatari band members used the opportunity to unfurl a pro-Palestinian banner during the televised event. On their return flight to Reykjavik the following day, it seems that for the Tel Aviv-London leg of the journey, with El Al, they were intentionally assigned three separate seats in the middle of the rear rows of economy. Hatari is allegedly considering legal action against El Al and/or Icelandair (having bought their tickets through the latter). Meanwhile, the European Broadcasting Union is also considering disqualifying the Icelandic entry for its actions.

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