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Argentina Launches Biometric Border Control in Buenos Aires

A new border control experience designed by Vision-Box is now automating and streamlining the clearance and border passage of Argentinian citizens entering the country via Argentina’s largest airport. The system is on track to be expanded to departures and third-country citizens.

The new automated border control (ABC) solution based on biometric technology has been clearing passengers entering Argentina through the Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport since 23 April, when brand new eGates were inaugurated by the Minister of Transportation and Interior and opened to the public. The objective of the solution is to enhance the experience of passengers. At the same time, it facilitates border-crossing operations by accurately identifying individuals and supporting oversight by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The new ABC eGates at the Ezeiza arrivals terminal are available to passengers possessing an Argentinian passport and who are 18 years of age or older. In just a few seconds they can now self-process though the eGates unattended, following a highly intuitive, user-centric process.

Behind a swift, stress-free passenger experience, a robust passenger orchestration software suite, under supervision of authorities, compares and verifies the information embedded in the passengers’ passports with a live facial and fingerprint capture and match. Additionally, extensive and accurate background checks are automatically conducted against INTERPOL, no-fly lists, and internal security lists to make certain that only authorised and lawful individuals are allowed to enter or exit the country. The networked protocol that identifies and matches people, places, and times where border crossings occur follow highly rigorous privacy and safety standards.

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