Carbyne, Public Safety Technology Innovator, Announces Expansion of its Mission-Critical SaaS Technology Solutions into New Verticals

Carbyne, the leading provider of emergency contact center solutions, announces its expansion beyond public safety into the enterprise space. Carbyne will now provide advanced collaboration solutions for enterprises looking to enhance their remote communications with employees and customers. These solutions, which serve states and local governments globally, can dramatically improve the way enterprises manage their “mission critical” operations. The Carbyne APEX and Universe solutions are built over a secure cloud infrastructure, allowing teams working in a “many to one, one to many” approach to leverage a powerful portfolio of video, mapping, chat, and other smart data collaboration capabilities all in one user-friendly platform.

“We’ve identified multiple gaps that traditional contact center platforms don’t cover. We’re excited to bring our ultra-reliable offerings, which enhance emergency contact center operations without the end user needing to download an app, to new verticals. We will help businesses capture efficiencies and better serve their users. The world is moving quickly, and companies need to keep up,” says Amir Elichai, Founder & CEO of Carbyne. “For example, after connecting with your insurance company following a car accident, your insurance company will now have the ability to quickly collect critical information such as your location, videos, images from the scene, and more – all without an app. Your insurance company can then store and record this data and activate real time-sharing capabilities with a click of a button, to easily send rich data to 3rd party claims or legal entities that need this information. All this saves you and your insurance company time, money and improves the accuracy in which incidents are handled. ” Amir added.

“We’ve seen our technology work for insurance companies, corporate security companies and remote assistance companies who are benefiting from Carbyne technologies without changing their existing infrastructure. The results are mind-blowing. Reducing insurance fraud by 50% translates into millions of dollars in savings,” Amir Added. To read more about Carbyne Enterprise (B2B) visit:

Carbyne’s expansion comes at a pivotal moment for the company. In the last 12 months, the company grew its headcount by 200% and achieved 300% year-over-year revenue growth. The company signed more than 50 clients last year. In recent months, the company announced a partnership with Global Medical Response, the largest Emergency Management Services provider in the US, and was awarded a DHS grant together with CentralSquare Technologies. These developments, coupled with the adoption of Carbyne solutions by the most sophisticated emergency operations globally, illustrate the meteoric rise of the company.

Carbyne’s growth is being celebrated with a new domain (, website and logo which align with its mission – to effectively connect the dots between citizens, emergency responders, and enterprises all in one platform. The three dotted logo symbolizes this vision, with each circle representing one of these groups.

The simplicity of the design reflects Carbyne’s ease of use – Carbyne says it doesn’t require an app or installation for citizens and provides a user-friendly experience for call takers. Carbyne’s Universe over-the-top solution can be deployed in under an hour, without changing the way in which citizens initiate contact with public safety agencies and enterprises.