Collins Aerospace Bolsters AirPlan Functionality with the Addition of FlightAware Foresight Data

Collins Aerospace says it is maximizing the functionality of its ARINC AirPlan solution with the integration of FlightAware Foresight predictive data giving customers a more accurate view of airport operations. Collins Aerospace acquired FlightAware in 2021 as part of its focus on improving the passenger experience and growing the aviation connected ecosystem.

Since its launch in 2020, AirPlan has enabled airports to manage all their resources — including gates, check-in desks and baggage belts — from a single application on any computer or mobile device connected to their network. With the addition of Foresight predictive data, airports will receive more precise flight ETAs and Taxi-out times, which increases the accuracy and efficiency of the information used to optimize airport operations.

“The integration of FlightAware data into AirPlan is a great example of how Collins is turning data into value for our customers,” said Rakan Khaled, general manager, Airport Solutions for Collins Aerospace. “Anytime we can help an airport increase their efficiency we’re also helping them save money and improve the sustainability of their operations—which is the goal of every customer we work with.”

Additional AirPlan benefits include a customizable interface to meet individual user needs; the ability to schedule swing gates ahead of time to reflect their planned international and domestic configurations; customer service support provided by experienced staff; and cybersecurity support to help ensure systems are protected and secure.