D-Fend Solutions, Sole Cyber-Takeover Provider at INTERPOL’s Full-Scale Counter-Drone Airport Exercise, Successfully Took Control of a Long-Range Drone

D-Fend Solutions, a player in radio frequency (RF), cyber-based, counter-drone takeover technology, today announced that its flagship product, EnforceAir, detected, identified and accurately located multiple unmanned aerial systems (UASs), took control of a drone and safely landed it during the final program of a joint, three-day exercise led by INTERPOL, an international organization promoting global law enforcement cooperation, and the Norwegian Police.

The event was held at Oslo Gardermoen Airport in Norway, while the airport was operating. Avinor (the airport owner), the Norwegian Communications Authority, the Civil Aviation Authority and UAS Norway helped ensure a high standard of testing and facilitated the continuity of airport operations.

The exercise included law enforcement personnel, academics and industry experts from Europe, the U.S. and Israel, with a goal of testing and evaluating 17 drone countermeasures in a live airspace environment.

The first two days of the event focused on detection and location counter-drone capabilities. During the exercises, EnforceAir detected unique communication signals used by multiple drones, without producing false positives. EnforceAir also decoded telemetry signals to determine types of drones and extract drone positioning with GPS accuracy.

Rain was falling on day three, which focused on rogue drone mitigation. D-Fend Solutions successfully showcased its cyber-takeover technology. Within 2 seconds and without a prior calibration flight, EnforceAir took over a fast, non-static drone that utilizes an advanced and popular radio protocol. D-Fend’s system reprogrammed the drone to fly along a two-point, predefined flight path and landed it in a safe zone, highlighting the full control and continuity that are facilitated by EnforceAir.

During the event, D-Fend Solutions featured two agile deployment kits: High-Altitude Tactical and Vehicle.

“It was an honor for D-Fend Solutions to participate as the only cyber-takeover vendor at this important counter-drone exercise, which will help lead to a safer future for airports worldwide,” said Yaniv Benbenisti, D-Fend Solution’s president & chief product officer. “EnforceAir cyber technology is deployed at major international airports and aviation hubs and is designed to perform well in sensitive environments, regardless of weather, and preserve continuity. It empowers airport security personnel to operate their own authorized drones, even during the mitigation of unauthorized drones, and does not disrupt airports’ communication or navigation systems.”