Facial Recognition Aids Travelers at DFW

Travelers can now go through security at DFW Airport without taking out an ID, saving time at the airport and making the travel experience smoother with Mobile ID. The program helps travelers move through different points of interest without handing over a boarding pass or ID. The program require travelers to have TSA PreCheck and a AAdvantage number to take advantage of the program.

The Mobile ID program can be used at:

  • TSA PreCheck: by sharing their American Airlines Mobile ID QR code and scanning their face at security to pass through the checkpoint OR
  • The Admirals Club: Travelers can skip the line for lounge entry with Mobile ID. Travelers can scan their face on a tablet to verify their lounge membership.

American Airlines Mobile ID is available through the airside: Digital Identity app and accepted and verified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and American Airlines for club services.