Leidos and Gateway Global Team Up on Geospatial Intelligence Training

Leidos announced recently it is partnering with Gateway Global American Youth and Business Alliance Academies (GGAYBA) to provide new training resources to under-resourced high school students in urban and rural communities. This training will be tailored to developing industry-recognized credentials for geographic information systems (GIS) and geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) as part of GGAYBA’s “Entry to Executive” program. Leidos and GGAYBA will collaborate to help high school students develop their skills to perform at the entry level of a Geospatial/GIS Technician, placing them in roles as apprentices or interns. Leidos will support students in the program by sponsoring cohorts.

“Global Gateway represents three vital components to building the workforce of the future—education, inspiration and innovation,” said Leidos Intelligence Group president Vicki Schmanske. “By providing early exposure to STEM programs and training, GGAYBA accelerates and expands the career journey for students and exposes them to a wide range of career paths across the intelligence community. Leidos is thrilled to be part of GGAYBA’s mission and to support 2021 cohorts.”

“There is no shortage of young American talent in urban and rural communities,” said Zekita Armstrong Asuquo, president and Chair of GGAYBA. “We simply need to find more innovative ways to identify and cultivate that talent to fulfill the needs of our workforce and keep U.S. companies and the government globally competitive.”

GGAYBA training is available over the course of an academic semester and during the summer. Students can enroll through their school districts or individually through the GGAYBA website. The program is designed to build talent and pipelines by growing skills, credentials, and entry-level employment in STEM fields, and providing a launch pad for additional education, experience, and responsibility as participants advance in their careers.

The program began in St. Louis, Missouri, which is home to the new $1.7 billion National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) West federal facility. GGAYBA plans to expand the program to reach students in other communities, providing education and workforce development opportunities to propel students into successful careers across the national security and other sectors.