Liberty Defense Announces the Sale of its First HEXWAVE System

Liberty Defense announced it has sold its first HEXWAVE system to LINEV Systems, an established provider of contraband detection security solutions to corrections and other high security markets.

LINEV Systems plans to use the HEXWAVE unit for client demonstrations and act as a reseller for Liberty with a focus on the corrections and education verticals. LINEV Systems, which is part of the global LINEV Group, has been an industry-leading provider of x-ray imaging checkpoint security technology for over 15 years, including AI-driven x-ray security screening, benchtop scientific instruments, and x-ray non-destructive testing (NDT) systems. Over 1,000 LINEV transmission x-ray body scanners are deployed in 24 State Department of Corrections facilities across the US.

“HEXWAVE is an excellent complement to the LINEV Systems product lineup, offering a touchless, non-ionizing, contraband-detection solution suitable for non-inmate screening at corrections facilities. This could include staff, lawyers, and other visitors,” said Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty. “This is a great opportunity to safely provide enhanced security and mitigate any potential threats or other unwanted contraband. This offers us an exciting opportunity to enhance our HEXWAVE AI algorithms to detect corrections industry-specific items of interest.”

HEXWAVE uses millimeter wave, advanced 3D imaging, and AI to detect all types of concealed metallic and non-metallic weapons and other prohibited items. The system allows for rapid, automated screening using a high throughput, contactless, walkthrough portal.

“After spending several years and $40 million on development, the HEXWAVE is ready for commercialization and introduction of its enhanced detection capabilities into multiple verticals in everyday spaces where people gather. We are very proud to have the first sale with LINEV Systems and plan to meet the global demand to provide security in public settings to help protect our communities,” added Frain.