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MER Implements C4I Platform at Israel’s New Ramon Airport

Mer Group, a leading Israeli company specialising in the fields of smart homeland security and communications solutions, has announced that it has delivered and integrated state-of-the-art operation and security systems at Israel’s new international airport, Ramon Airport.

Also known as the Ilan and Asaf Ramon International Airport and located in southern Israel, the new international airport is replacing the existing airports in Eilat and Ovda. It will serve some two million passengers a year travelling to and from both international and domestic destinations. Spread across 5,300 square meters, the airport complex is completely computerised and networked with the most advanced technological systems available.

The C4I platform, Smart-M, was specifically designed to provide a comprehensive command and control solution for smart and protected sites, such as cities, air and sea ports, critical infrastructures, campuses, and more. Providing a current situation assessment of the entire area, the system gives the operator a powerful, intuitive tool to operate and manage end components. Every incident has a set of defined scenarios and various adaptations, enabling operators to achieve an optimal response to any possible event, depending on their needs. Smart-M also offers a ‘manager-of-managers’ approach for all systems it supports.

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