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Oakland International Airport Selects Evolv Edge for Employee Screening

Oakland International Airport (OAK) announced it has installed the Evolv Edge™, a physical threat detection and prevention system powered by artificial intelligence, to streamline its employee screening program. This installation enhances OAK’s security posture by protecting against metallic and non-metallic threats while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

As the second busiest airport in Northern California, passenger travel at OAK is on pace to surpass the 13.2 million travellers that passed through the airport last year. To accommodate this growth, more and more employees are being hired to work at OAK. Therefore, OAK began researching innovative solutions related to employee inspection methods and equipment. Evolv Edge provides OAK with the ability to screen employees for metallic and non-metallic threats with a fast, non-invasive process. Designed with built-in wheels for portability, the system can be easily moved through the airport, allowing maximum efficiency for its employee inspection programme.

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