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SKYPRO Offer Healthy Airport Friendly Shoes that Don’t Alarm at Airport Security

SKYPRO has developed airport friendly shoes that uses a shank made of nylon instead of metal to ensure that the wearer can pass through archway metal detectors without setting off alarms.

Every day millions of passengers, crewmembers, and airport-based staff take their shoes off and walk barefoot through metal detectors, exposing feet to all kinds of bacteria. It is the perfect environment for the contraction of foot conditions, such as eczema, verrucae, athlete’s foot and other infections. Indeed, there are more than 100 different species of fungi and other bacteria present in our feet. Recent studies show that these fungi inhabit one of three areas: plantar heel, toenails and toe web. Employers are now encouraged to include quality footwear in uniforms to better protect the health of staff; nowhere is this more important than at an airport. With up to 42% of the adult population affected by foot pain at any given time, which accounts for close to ¼ of the world population, minimising the need for industry employees to remove their footwear can only be advantageous, let alone make the daily routine much more comfortable.

Healthcare specialists have identified late summer as a time when people are more prone to fungi, just when passenger loads are at their peak. Cabin crew and airport professionals are always in contact with these hazards given the nature of their work.

SKYPRO shoes are security alarm free, breathable, anti-microbial and designed to provide support. Using natural leathers, the shoes also permit good sweat release which also makes for healthy feet.


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