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Xovis’ Smart IoT Technology Reduces Waiting Times in Abu Dhabi

Dubai Technology Partners LLC (DTP), a systems integrator for the aviation industry, has announced that it has joined forces with Xovis, a provider of people-flow monitoring solutions, in helping improve operations at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Integrated with DTP’s desk planner solution, the Xovis Passenger Tracking System (Xovis PTS) will allow Abu Dhabi Airports, the operators of Abu Dhabi International Airport, to improve passenger flow and reduce waiting times in critical areas such as check-in, security, immigration and baggage claim. Xovis PTS helps airport operators dynamically manage airport resources and ultimately increase capacity and passenger satisfaction.

After a successful trial at a check-in area in Terminal 3, DTP, using Xovis’ Smart IoT Technology, deployed 455 Xovis 3D sensors in 19 sites in T1, T1A, and T3.

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