Press Release

Hydra Energy Lands Second Heavy-duty Fleet Customers and Expands its Hydrogen-as-a-Service Reach to Alberta with the World’s First Hydrogen-converted Armoured Vehicle

On the eve of Earth Day, Hydra Energy, the world’s first Hydrogen-as-a-Service (HaaS) provider for commercial fleets looking to reduce emissions with no up-front investment, is pleased to announce its second heavy-duty truck fleet customer, Veteran Express Secure Logistics (VEXSL). This follows on the heels of its initial milestone customer announcement with Lodgewood Enterprises back in October 2021 and marks the world’s first hydrogen-converted armoured vehicle.

VEXSL is a veteran-owned and operated transportation logistics service that uniquely merges the security of purpose-built armoured vehicles with the high-volume transport nature of the general freight industry dedicated to the movement of climate sensitive, high-risk, and high-value goods across Canada, and soon the U.S. and Europe.

“At VEXSL, we provide purposeful career opportunities to the first responder and military veteran workforce and strive to incorporate the latest technology for safer, more secure supply chains,” said VEXSL CEO, Cole Fouillard. “Retrofitting our trucks to now lessen our impact on the environment is a natural next step in our continued commitment to the communities we serve and to the ESG goals we subscribe to. The best part is Hydra’s hydrogen truck conversions cost us nothing to implement, don’t negatively impact truck performance or warranties, and don’t require us to wait over a year for new trucks as they can retrofit existing ones.”

Hydra’s proprietary hydrogen-diesel, co-combustion injection systems will be installed at no cost to VEXSL. In exchange, VEXSL agrees to a long-term, low-carbon hydrogen fuel contract that includes fuelling infrastructure where trucks will refuel just as quickly as diesel. The contracted hydrogen will be priced at the forecasted diesel equivalent meaning the fleets’ operational costs should not increase. Additionally, each truck will reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 67 tonnes per year with no loss in fuel efficiency, range, power, torque, or payload capacity – even in the cold Canadian winters. This comes as GHG emissions fast approach pre-pandemic levels thanks in large part to increased freight pollution.

“Alberta was a natural next step for our HaaS offering to connect from our Prince George hub further east into Canada along trucking routes,” said Hydra Energy CEO, Jessica Verhagen. “We applaud the Alberta government’s efforts to enable further demonstration of the use of hydrogen in heavy-duty transportation, recognizing that transportation markets have the potential to rapidly scale their decarbonization efforts with Hydra’s commercially available technology once increased refuelling infrastructure is in place.”

“Working with Hydra and VEXSL is just one example of the Alberta Motor Transport Association’s zero-emissions mobility strategy,” added Amanda Mesluk, Manager, Research and Innovation with the AMTA. “We are excited to offer technology and fuel options to our carrier members interested in exploring a hydrogen landscape. We support all our partners in working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta and beyond.”

Hydra and VEXSL will be participating in next week’s Canadian Hydrogen Convention in Edmonton running April 26th-28th where Hydra’s R&D truck already running up to 40% hydrogen will be on display. Through April continuing until May 7th, the AMTA will additionally be supporting Hydra by offering test drives to its members. Initially, Hydra will support fleets in the Edmonton area doing round trips no longer than 1,000 kms.